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  • 4 February 2016

    Access Should Be Granted to Indian`356’ Reports

    By Venkatesh Nayak The author is Programme Coordinator, Access to Information Programme, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. The border State of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern corner of India in the news again – for all the wrong reasons – again. For several weeks crisis had been brewing over the existence or the lack of majority support […]

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    • 3 February 2016

      Right to Information – A catalyst for change in Bangladesh

      By Shamsul Bari and Ruhi Naz The authors are Chairman, Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB) and Project Coordinator (RTI section) of RIB respectively. This article originally appeared in The Daily Star. Talking to citizen’s groups in different parts of the country recently, two things came out clearly. One, there is a slow but steady increase in […]

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      • 17 January 2016

        How the Senate Should Fix the FOIA Reform Bill

        By Aaron Mackey This article was first published Jan. 15 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Mackey is the EFF Frank Stanton Legal Fellow. With the U.S. House of Representatives passing a bill this week to amend the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), EFF and a coalition of other groups are calling on members of the Senate  […]

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        • US FOIA Fee Survey Results

          By Lauren Harper This article was first published Jan. 15 in Unredacted, a sister blog from the National Security Archive. The Unredacted version includes some additional charts.  What percentage of agency FOIA costs did Congress intend agencies to recover through FOIA fees? All? Most? Half? Something else? It’s impossible to say since the Office of […]

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          • 31 December 2015

            Bangladesh: Article 19 Analyzes Challenges

            The following chapter is from the 2015 Article 19 report, Asia Disclosed: A Review of the Right to Information across Asia. The original is replete with footnotes, not included here. Constitutional Framework Article 39 of the Bangladeshi Constitution guarantees the right of every citizen to freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press, and […]

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