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  • 26 February 2015

    Cambodia Needs to Prioritise Access to Information Law

    By Chak Sopheap The author is the executive director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. This article first appeared Feb. 18 in the Phnom Penh Post Over the past few weeks, the government has repeatedly asserted its intention to introduce a state secrets law in Cambodia. In a country that has not yet adopted […]

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  • Mexico’s Transparency Bill: Is There Too Much at Stake?

    By Joel Salas Suárez The author is a commissioner of the autonomous Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI) in Mexico. This article first appeared in the blog of the Open Government Partnership. (Spanish version) Mexico´s upper chamber is currently discussing the Transparency and Access to Information bill, following a Constitutional amendment […]

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  • 19 February 2015

    Mexico: OGP Leader Faking Transparency

    By Ana Cristina Ruelas  The author is the Right to Information Program Officer at ARTICLE 19, México and Central America Mexico became the lead chairman of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) on 2014, although we are far from openness. The government’s rhetoric is all about transparency and co-creation but in their offices they are pushing us […]

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  • 18 February 2015

    South Africa: Not So Transparent After All

    By Candice Bailey The author is a journalist with Corruption Watch. This article first appeared Feb. 16 in The Star. Reprinted with permission. Johannesburg – When the Gauteng High Court granted civil society campaigners Right2Know access to a list of the country’s national key points, the award was lauded as a victory in the battle for […]

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  • 17 February 2015

    RTI and Ghana’s Commitment to the OGP

    By Ugonna Ukaigwe The author leads the RTI Coalition in Ghana. The article, reprinted with permission, first appeared Feb. 16 on the website of Peace FM. In September 2011, Ghana joined some 46 other countries around the world to sign unto the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an initiative that seeks to secure concrete commitments from governments […]

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